Validating contractor invoices

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Validating contractor invoices

To contract with independent institutions accredited by an agency whose standards are comparable to the minimum standards required to operate a postsecondary educational institution at that level in the state.

The purpose of the contract is to provide those educational programs and facilities which will meet needs unfulfilled by the state system of public postsecondary education.

The annual report shall include programs administered by the department as well as awards made from financial aid fee revenues, any other funds appropriated by the Legislature for financial assistance, and the value of tuition and fees waived for students enrolled in a dual enrollment course at a public postsecondary educational institution.

The annual report shall include an assessment of progress made in achieving goals and objectives established in the long-range plans and recommendations for repealing or modifying existing financial aid programs or establishing new programs.

216.023, a coordinated K-20 education budget that estimates the expenditure requirements for the Board of Governors, as provided in s.

1004.015 and the Articulation Coordinating Committee pursuant to s. The state board shall submit a report to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives upon modification of the plan and as part of its legislative budget request.The State Board of Education shall prescribe minimum standards, definitions, and guidelines for Florida College System institutions that will ensure the quality of education, coordination among the Florida College System institutions and state universities, and efficient progress toward accomplishing the Florida College System institution mission.At a minimum, these rules must address: Program offerings and classification, including college-level communication and computation skills associated with successful performance in college and with tests and other assessment procedures that measure student achievement of those skills.The State Board of Education and the Board of Governors shall jointly develop long-range plans and annual reports for financial aid in this state.The long-range plans shall establish goals and objectives for a comprehensive program of financial aid for Florida students and shall be updated every 5 years.

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The performance measures must provide that students moving from one level of education to the next acquire the necessary competencies for that level.

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